Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Words from my momma! :0)

This info I had wanted for Jude and I because even though I have been to a lot of baby namings, I thought my mom would be better at explaining it to Jude than I would. She probably got this out of her "book" which she keeps everything she has done in the Hopi way... All the ceremonies and what she's had to do as a me-wi, what time we should get up and go to the village etc. Anyway, this is all in my moms words. Nothing was edited or deleted. I am an only child and I think she wants her grandbaby to be brought into this world the "right way" or the "Hopi way" (*and I do too!). Enjoy your reading!

1. First of all - a reminder again that when EVERYTIME you go in to the doctor, YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE GENDER OF THE BABY!!"

2. No purchasing of baby items BEFORE the baby is born....

Ok, now for the story..... Ahhh heeem (clearing my throat!!)

When the baby is born, the mom and baby are taken home and the so-ohcomes to the house and 'builds a house" by markiing the four walls inside the room where the baby and mom will stay for the next 20 days. The markings are made with white corn meal and is also for protection. The so-oh will come to the house every morning and at night to bath the baby and rub with 'qots-vi" (finely ground up ashes) The qots-vi will help with the shedding or peeling of the baby and also remove body hair. The so-oh also leaves an ear of perfect white corn (mother corn) which stays with the baby throughout the next 19 days. Sometimes the so-oh will bring food for the mom (breakfast and dinner). During the 20 days, mom has to fast..No salt, fats, etc, only blue marbles, piki, and other Hopi food. You can also have fruits and vegetables, just no fats or salt. The mom's family can feed the so-oh and who ever comes with her to take care of the baby.

On the 18th day, the dad's family will pick up the baby and mom's clothes and go washing (allll clothes, blankets, sheets, etc). The mom's family will feed them when they return. The mom's family will be baking bread and pastries for the feast day and also to give to the boys family - who ever comes to wash and name the baby.

On the 19th day, the final preparations for the feast day, more baking, me-we's come to make pikami (pudding), the dad's family comes to make the nokquivi (stew). THe stew is made in the evening and the ladies will watch the stew until it boils and meat/corn is cooked well.

20th day - THE BIG DAY!! The dad's family comes to wash the baby using the 'mother corn'. Once the baby is washed, THEN new clothes can be put on him/her. The dad's family also washes the mom's hair. Once this is completed, the boys family will name the baby - according to their clan. Then the dad or grandpa makes a trail with cornmeal from inside the house to the door way followed by the so-oh, mom and baby. They go out to the sun for the first time and so-oh presents the baby to the sun, so-oh and mom say a prayer then the fun part of 'eatting again"!! Nokquivi, pikami, piki, bread, pastries, etc. The so-oh will feed the baby by dipping a little pikami in the nokquivi and giving to him/her. The grandpa then gets on the roof and makes an announcement that there is a feast and invites everyone to come eat. He says all the names of the baby. (This isn't done very often any more)

From that day forward the baby is known by the 'baby name' until the first initiation, which can be as early as 10 years of age.

The purpose for the 20 days is that for 9 months the baby is protected in the womb, being fed and nutured by the mom. So anything the mom eats, drinks, how she feels is felt by the baby. The birth is 'traumatic' to the outside world and is also new so the markings on the wall and staying inside for 20 days is a transition to the outside world. The baby gets to know the parents and family members because they're taking care of him/her...it's also good to have someone take care of the baby so moms don't have to do this for a while!!!

I hope this helps ...there's a lot of preparation BEFORE the naming,like making piki, shelling corn, washiing and preparing for the stew, sometimes the dad's family will bring a sheep to butcher for the stew so that's done before the naming..Maybe you can come out for Ruby Fae's naming so you'll get an idea of what happens on the baby naming day. Teeyo's mom will be taking care odf the baby once they get here from Kansas up until the naming. Remember there's also Amber's baby naming probably sometime in April!!

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