Sunday, March 14, 2010

Second Ultrasound

Awww my beautiful baby! On Wednesday March 10th 2010 we saw our baby once again. This time they were going to get a full ultrasound. So my instructions were to drink 32 oz of water an hour or so before the ultrasound appointment.(I also drank a little bit of apple juice because I heard it helped the baby wake up.) That night I had a nightmare about drinking the 32 oz of water. I dreamt that once I drank the water I blacked out and I couldn't see the baby when they were doing the ultrasound. lol.. Of course it was just a dream. haha...

When I drank the water and I honestly thought I was gonna pee my pants before I got to the ultrasound chair! I let my mom and dad know how I was feeling and all they texted back was "you should wear depends" lol. I was like "thanks"... Anyway, their humor helped a little. And it was very much worth it once I got to see our baby.

Baby went from 11.7 cm to 15 cm in two weeks! Crazy right!? He/she was also moving Matrix style. Which was good to see. I couldn't feel her/him moving but I'm sure that will come in time :0) They gave us four pics this time instead of three. I need a baby book so I can put them in there.. Ahhh Memories!

As for me, I've gained 1 lb. haha. I seriously feel like I have gained millions but 1lb is still good. (they say). So 121 lbs is my new weight for now. I'm still doing good as far as my body. My back is my only real problem right now. And when I work my feet ache when I get back home. I'm still eating frequently....Hungry, but I don't really eat much. I just eat frequently.

I'm really looking forward to spring break. Probably more than I've ever looked forward to it. haha. I'm glad I'll be going to Denver for part of the break. I'm excited, it's the first Pow-Wow I went to Jude with :0)

Well, I'm glad you all stopped by. I have a headache right now,bleh... I'm handing out watching tv and loving it because I have no school work to worry about right now and its a great feeling to have!!

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