Thursday, February 25, 2010


February 24, 2010 we had our first appointment with the new doctor, place, environment. I was pretty pleased to see that it wasn't too far from home and had a good energy to it. Everything was nice and orderly and they even let Jude come into the little room with me with no questions asked. Everything went as usual. We heard baby's hearbeat and it was about 153 bpm, which was normal for baby right now. We then found out that baby was going to get his/her picture taken for the first time!!! Once we went into the ultrasound room, we let the lady in there know that we didn't want to know the sex. (*TEAR*) lol. In my culture, we are not suppose to find out (yet there are some anxious to know). Plus it was my moms orders to both me and Jude. lol. Plus I think it will be more surprising for everyone!

Anyway, the ultrasound went quick, they measured the head and the stomach to see if baby was as old as Jude and I thought he/she was based on the information I gave. And we were right! (So the due date still stands 8-8-10). Here are the pics that they gave us. :0)

For me, it was shocking! lol. I actually have a living person inside of me. :0) And to see the picture of him/her only validated it. Jude had his sleeve over his mouth the whole time. I don't think he knew I was paying attention (but I was!). But the pictures came out perfect. As you can see in the first and second one, baby has its hands over the head. Then in the third, baby puts the hand down. I'm amazed at how distinct the pictures are. The next time I go back I have a full ultrasound, so, I'm hoping I get the 4D ultrasound so we can really see baby!.

Of course we showed everyone! My mom printed hers out and my dad too. They are so excited! Jude sent a pic to his mom and she was happy also. I think he/she has my nose. (what do you think?)

As for me, I'm doin' well. Got over a little cold from going out home and feel a lot better! I haven't gained much weight. I thought I did, but my weight is still the same as ever!... I feel bigger and Jude says I grew too. haha I don't know if I should take that as a compliment or not. But the lady at the clinic said that at this point its ok if I don't gain any weight. Baby is just taking in what is around her/him. I've been eating a lot though, or maybe not a lot, but more frequently. I try not to eat junk. But icecream is still my fav! I have to cut down though :0(

Other than that all is well!

Soooo until next time readers.. TAKE CARE


Monday, February 15, 2010


This is officially my first post!!. I'd like to welcome all who get to this blog. Its basically a blog to keep family in tune with our pregnancy. And what better way to do that than with the internet! :0)

So, according to Judes iPhone app the baby is as big as an avacado (15 weeks) .. lol.. I like how his app compares the baby to food. Just last week the baby was a naval orange (14 weeks) haha. His app also says that the baby can hear us. Which is pretty cool! So Jude has to start singing and learning new songs so he can play them to my belly :0)

And me, well, fortunately I haven't had any morning sickness, I am pretty much energized and feel like how I felt last semester. Except for one thing, the backaches! I think pretty much every night I ask Jude to rub my back. My lower back is not how it use to be. :0( So I usually take short baths to help. And so far it works. Of course I'm getting "bigger". lol. I think I'm just getting chubby, but I know it's the baby growing. Slowly but surely my pants aren't fitting. I think I only have ONE pair of jeans that really fit lol. So I'm usually in sweats or Judes favorite YOGA PANTS lol..

We went home for the Bean Dance the first weekend in February. Jude seen how the babies hair is cut if its their first Bean Dance. :0) He also had his first taste of Harzu.. Which is a bean sprout stew.. Its good stuff!!! He also had lots of chili piki... We had fun and it was good to see family :0)

School is good, lots of reading!!.. I'm tryng to maintain a set schedule of sleep at 12pm (because of homework and work) and wake up at 8am.. It's working. I'm not tired. Just hungry when I get up..

Well, I'll most likely post pics soon. Take care all!

~Yummy, Siwa, LeAnne, Anne, Lee...



haha. Yes, Today was the day Jude and I had our first appointment to see how our baby is. And well, we heard the heartbeat and heard a pretty strong heart.

I thought today would be a good day to let other people know as well. I told my dad today and he almost cried, I told my so-oh and she was very happy and pleased as well..... All my other cousins and aunts are happy. Which in turn makes me happy..

SOOO, due date is 8/8/10.. I'm 10 weeks 5 days.. I want to wait till 8/9/10 lol. But Jude just told me that 8 is an infinite number and is powerful. SOO, only the baby will know when he/she wants to be in this world.. I'm really excited and want the world to feel my excitement too.

Another "HOLY MOLY" thing that is going to happen this year is that I'm going to definately be graduating from ASU!. YAYAY!!!. I found out on Tuesday when I went for my advising appointment.. SOO, ya. I'm also excited for that.

We also just bought our Denver March plane tickets and confirmed a room so traveling will still be open to our agenda. :0) This year is definately going to be a joy to experience.

Ok I'm going to continue eating my Indian Taco I got from Drumbeats...