Monday, February 15, 2010


This is officially my first post!!. I'd like to welcome all who get to this blog. Its basically a blog to keep family in tune with our pregnancy. And what better way to do that than with the internet! :0)

So, according to Judes iPhone app the baby is as big as an avacado (15 weeks) .. lol.. I like how his app compares the baby to food. Just last week the baby was a naval orange (14 weeks) haha. His app also says that the baby can hear us. Which is pretty cool! So Jude has to start singing and learning new songs so he can play them to my belly :0)

And me, well, fortunately I haven't had any morning sickness, I am pretty much energized and feel like how I felt last semester. Except for one thing, the backaches! I think pretty much every night I ask Jude to rub my back. My lower back is not how it use to be. :0( So I usually take short baths to help. And so far it works. Of course I'm getting "bigger". lol. I think I'm just getting chubby, but I know it's the baby growing. Slowly but surely my pants aren't fitting. I think I only have ONE pair of jeans that really fit lol. So I'm usually in sweats or Judes favorite YOGA PANTS lol..

We went home for the Bean Dance the first weekend in February. Jude seen how the babies hair is cut if its their first Bean Dance. :0) He also had his first taste of Harzu.. Which is a bean sprout stew.. Its good stuff!!! He also had lots of chili piki... We had fun and it was good to see family :0)

School is good, lots of reading!!.. I'm tryng to maintain a set schedule of sleep at 12pm (because of homework and work) and wake up at 8am.. It's working. I'm not tired. Just hungry when I get up..

Well, I'll most likely post pics soon. Take care all!

~Yummy, Siwa, LeAnne, Anne, Lee...

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  1. Sooo cute Lee, I'm looking forward to keeping up with the baby's growth. I'm happy for you. =]