Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Traveling with my baby belly

Hello all! Well its time for another update :0) I have an appointment in two days [Wed.June 23,2010] but I feel like I should just update for the heck of it. Well in the past two weekends we have been traveling and just seeing the people we love while I'm still carrying baby. For the first weekend [June 10-June 14] we went to Table Mountain Pow-Wow. OH MY GOSH what a long drive! I took many pillows to keep me comfortable and slept a lot along the way to ease the uncomfortable-ness of the car ride. The pw was good, hot, and very nice to be at. I wasn't so uncomfortable there.

We went to Santa Monica Pier and took some pics there.Haha... this pic is my maternity model pic!!! lol jk.. I didn't really realize my ankles at the time, but once I uploaded the pics I seen my ankles [and they were soo huge!] it felt like there was jelly or water inside my feet. lol..

This last weekend [June 19-20] we went to the Hopi Rez. Before we left I took my weight at work and so far I've gained 26 pounds. lol. I don't feel big. I can't really walk for a long time, I can't sit for a long time. My back aches more and I've been taking more baths to ease my lower back aches. While at home, we [Jude and I] were like the babysitters. lol. SOOOO many kids out there. But it was good. It was really windy and dusty outside so we really weren't outside that much, but watched the dances from inside. Of course there was food galore and I probably gained more weight just from the weekend, but I didn't hold back when someone told me to come eat lol.

Ahhhhh well I'm so sleepy now. I took a nap and ate again. So back to bed I go!!!

Na nights.