Monday, February 15, 2010



haha. Yes, Today was the day Jude and I had our first appointment to see how our baby is. And well, we heard the heartbeat and heard a pretty strong heart.

I thought today would be a good day to let other people know as well. I told my dad today and he almost cried, I told my so-oh and she was very happy and pleased as well..... All my other cousins and aunts are happy. Which in turn makes me happy..

SOOO, due date is 8/8/10.. I'm 10 weeks 5 days.. I want to wait till 8/9/10 lol. But Jude just told me that 8 is an infinite number and is powerful. SOO, only the baby will know when he/she wants to be in this world.. I'm really excited and want the world to feel my excitement too.

Another "HOLY MOLY" thing that is going to happen this year is that I'm going to definately be graduating from ASU!. YAYAY!!!. I found out on Tuesday when I went for my advising appointment.. SOO, ya. I'm also excited for that.

We also just bought our Denver March plane tickets and confirmed a room so traveling will still be open to our agenda. :0) This year is definately going to be a joy to experience.

Ok I'm going to continue eating my Indian Taco I got from Drumbeats...


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